Sustainability Practices



Fangboner Farms is all about sustainability. We repurpose everyday items, and we are certainly not above using discarded materials from the folks in our community. Share and share alike, we say! That’s how we built our deck, which is currently getting an upgrade in seating. In short, there’s no end to the possibilities of found materials, and it’s always better to reuse something than to send it to a landfill.

What is Organic Farming? Organic agriculture produces products using methods that preserve the environment and avoid most synthetic materials, such as pesticides and antibiotics.(as defined by the United States Department of Agriculture) There's your official definition.

What does it mean to us? It means respecting the environment and our land. Fangboner Farms is not certified organic by the USDA yet. We still fall under the small-farm classification. We do, however, farm following all the organic practices to grow all-natural - no GMOs, pesticides or added chemicals - herbs for our teas and culinary blends. We want our herbs to taste as they should: fresh and full of flavor.

We utilize organic farming because: