Tea Blends
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Tea Blends

I remember when I was a kid, whenever I got sick and my Gram was around, she’d make me tea. Sipping a warm cup of tea – with lots of honey in it- was magical. It made me feel special, taken care of and loved. And of course she always would wrap me up on one of her crocheted afghans. I felt safe.

I’m addicted to coffee which I’ve openly admitted. But when I’m having a tough day, tired, feeling draggy or just bummed, I reach for my herbal tea. It makes me think of my Gram, feeling safe and knowing that everything will be alright.

We have many varieties – and all have health benefits as well as just tasting good. Each individual bag also has a glass bead on the string - to keep the string out of your cup and make you feel special. Try them iced or hot. Each bag includes 10 individual bags and each individual bag makes 2-3 strong cups of tea – unless you’re an Irish Catholic like me and I get 4 or my friend Chris from New England who will use it for 10!