Social Media Marketing Strategies 101 Course
Fangboner Farms

Social Media Marketing Strategies 101 Course

Small business owners, start-ups, marketing,creatives, influencers, herbalist, and farmers. This course covers Instagram and Facebook. 

Go at your own pace and have access to the course for as long as you need it. 
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 What you’ll learn:

MODULE ONE: Marketing Mindset

Introduction and Expectations

How do I have the confidence to show up on social media

Why use social media to market


MODULE TWO: Where are my customers?

How to build a following of potential buyers for your business without dollars

Which numbers are important and how to pull them

Content/Results tracking calendar


MODULE THREE: How to make content

How to feature marketing work on social media platforms

Which equipment do I use

Platforms you’re  missing out on

FREE software tips

Pillar Practice

Colors and Branding


MODULE FOUR: How to repurpose content to save time + Gain engagement

How to know which content to repurpose



MODULE FIVE: Sales being confident and consistent on social media

Confident in the connection


Post Frequency