Who We Are

The Origin of Fangboner Farm

It all started in 2009 Roland Richardson had conversations about the start of the vision and here we are.

The love of cooking started as growing our own culinary herbs years ago for our use and for friends. Roland’s love of landscaping and farming became his true passion after his retirement from corporate life. No one knows for sure how the idea exactly started, but one night, probably over a glass of wine, the inspiration to blend the passions of both struck and Fangboner Farms was born.


A new direction in September 2018  Roland's youngest daughter Elizabeth Richardson took over as CEO. Elizabeth Richardson graduated from Penta Career Center and Springfield high school in 2007. Achievements of her Bachelor's from Bowling Green State University (2017) and Executive MBA from the University of Toledo (2018). Roland and Elizabeth are quite the father daughter pair in keeping farm living alive. 



So everyone asks, where did you get that name??? Well when a old friends son Alex was about 10, they were driving to Cedar Point. All of a sudden they heard giggling coming from the back seat. The mom asked him what was so funny. Alex giggled again and said “Fangboner.” Just before the Fremont, OH exit on the Ohio Turnpike, there is a bridge over the road. On it is the road name – Fangboner. So think like a 10-year-old boy and you’ll understand his giggling. After that Fangboner became a member of the family - blamed for things, who to ask if the kids said they didn't know and an all around loved entity. So this fun family story became the inspiration to naming our farm.

Fangboner Farms. It’s all about the unexpected. It’s about contrasts and opposites. It’s about a Southern boy, a Midwestern girl. About rural and urban. Salt and pepper. Sweet and spicy. Hard rock, smooth jazz. Cold wine, hot food. Blended together to create unique experiences in wine, gardens and spice. Get the unexpected. Experience Fangboner Farms.