MP & Son Landscaping

When Roland turned 55,
he decided that he wanted to change from the corporate life and retire to work his passion – landscaping. As he tells the story, Roland had a nice pension from Toledo Edison – and wonderful work experiences – but being so young, he still needed to work to supplement his income. So MP & Son Landscaping was born.

So what does the MP stand for? Roland needed to work for meat and potatoes so it made perfect sense to him to use MP. And his son Gabe – while he loves working with his dad and now especially helping on the farm – wasn’t ready to be & Son quite yet. But a dad can dream right?

So over the last 10 years Roland has done landscaping projects from small yards to corporate headquarters. His services include:

No project is too small or too big (well maybe landscaping a national park might be a bit much for him) and the added bonus is perennials from Fangboner Farms. Roland is also MBE certified (minority business enterprise) business.

Contact Roland for bids, information or to just plain talk landscaping. His direct number at MP & Son Landscaping in 419-320-3865.