Toffee Coffee
Toffee Coffee
Toffee Coffee
Fangboner Farms

Toffee Coffee

Fangboner Farms coffee blend is a delightful blend intentionally paired to be enjoyed in many ways of life, food, and interpersonal relationships. No this does not taste like Toffee but it is  blend of Tea and Coffee. Make your coffee as strong as you’d like by steeping it for as little or as long as you choose. 

 Organic ingredients.

Made on our Ohio farm with the upmost practice of eco-friendly, sustainable,  clean herb and coffee methods. You can be sure to enjoy a cup cold or hot all year round. Fall deep into a cup of this citrus and floral note organic single origin Arabica coffee + herb varieties to create an out of this world blend. Toffee the best of both worlds of Tea and Coffee.

 Our coffee is infused with Lemon Balm, Lavender, and Rose that ignites cognitive function, improved digestion, restlessness, anxiety, and promotes collagen production. 

Facts about coffee that you might not of known.


Did you know?


The coffee plant and coffee culture are said to of originated in Ethiopia 🇪🇹.


Do you know when in Ethiopia coffee was discovered?


Ninth century.


In present day, what is a central part of Ethiopian culture?