Smudge Sticks
Fangboner Farms

Smudge Sticks

These smudge sticks are made from our own organic sage, dried and tied with all cotton string. They're perfect for you blessings or purification of air.  Each stick is approximately 4.5" long.


Use and benefits of smudge sticks?


Use: Native American culture began using the ritual of burning herbs in spiritual events to promote healing and wisdom. Early Egyptians and Romans  used herbs for us to improve the symptoms of digestive issues, memory loss, and sore throats. New science has shown that the medicinal properties found in sage specifically improves brain health, depression, anxiety, digestion when ingested as well. We offer a culinary line of organic garden dried herbs as well.


How to use it: Burn one of the bundle and let the flame dissipate. It will begin to smoke 💨 and it will cleanse the area in which it is in. Burn bundle on a heat resistant plate, bowl, or mug.


Benefits: Uplifts mood, relaxed active minds, back to neutral state.


⚠️ Use for only short periods of time.