Skinny Beef Queso Chili

Skinny Beef Queso Chili

 Loaded with lean beef, seasonings, diced tomatoes, pintos, pasta and the best part the homemade Queso sauce! The cold weather always puts me in the mood for a really good chili. This one may be our favorite. It’s a classic chili with a homemade skinny queso sauce with spiral noodles for an added touch.


You will need the following ingredients: 


90/10 Ground Sirloin


Fangboner Farms Organic dried Oregano


Chipotle Chili Powder

Minced Garlic




Pinto Beans

Whole wheat spiral noodles



Petite diced tomatoes

Condensed Tomato soup

 Additional items


Beef Broth

 How it’s made?

I used our pressure cooker (instant pot) to make the chili. This recipe can be achieved by use a large pot on the stove as well. I went lean with the ground beef and used 90/10 ground sirloin. I browned the 2 lbs of ground beef and sautéed a whole sweet onion at the same time in the cooker. Add in chipotle chili pepper, minced garlic, Fangboner Farms organic oregano and cumin. Once meat is browned place two cups of spiral organic whole wheat pasta on top. Pour beef broth over noodles in cooker. Cover and set pressure cooker to HIGH 3 minutes. When done pressurizing open lid to add in petite diced tomatoes and stir. Next add in  drained pinto beans. Stir ingredients together and cover.


In a medium saucepan add in butter. Once melted stir in flour until the mixture is blended well. Pour in organic milk. Once mixture starts to steam add in 2 cups of reduced fat cheddar cheese. Continue to stir cheese in until the mixture is smooth like queso dip. Once dip consistency is achieved add over chili in cooker. Mix well and enjoy with crunchy tortilla chips.


Here is the nutritional information and calories. 


Sweet Heat Chili

Sweet Heat Chili

Here is chili gold! Just don’t forget the Fabflava, milk, and brown sugar. Happy cooking! 

The cool weather change this week here in the Midwest has made me fall into the harvest spirit already. Soups have been on my brain along with cozy clothing, soccer games, and our herbal tea lattes. As the chill of fall introduces itself its the best season for chili with some heat, sweat heat to be exact!

This piece of chili gold was inspired by the variety of peppers being grown organically here at the farm. The use of cherry tomatoes, peas, sweet banana peppers, jalapeños, and habaneros which may make some of you head in the other direction. Fear not just subtract the habaneros and this dish’s chemistry even with jalapeño will have no spicy taste.


Habaneros heat ranges anywhere from 12 to 100 times hotter than a jalapeño. The point in ingesting habaneros is to lower your cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, and fight weight gain! Hot peppers in general benefit the digestive tract, promote heart healthy, mitigates migraines, relieves joint pain, and fights the flu. Now that we’ve all been educated on the food being consumed here. Bring on the chili! Share your chili masterpieces with us here. 



Maple Cinnamon Fabflava Smoked Turkey Leg

Maple Cinnamon Fabflava Smoked Turkey Leg

 Maple Cinnamon Fabfalva smoked Turkey legs paired with fresh green beans. Yummy, now that’s Fangboner fresh!! Hey all, Elizabeth back with a gourmet summer meal. High flavor is pure satisfaction to the pallet. Plus incorporate a protein source to keep your brain running optimally. My excellent kitchen skills come from a woman I never met but I call her great gram who owned a catering business. Great gram's skills came down the line through a Midwest lady named Nina who I call mom. Wow can my mom cook!! She's taught me so much. Being in the kitchen always with her as a kid is now a reflected joyful part of my upbringing. Now I am also the daughter of Roland a southern man from Charleston where we caught crabs, shrimp, and fish for every family vacation enjoyed with the best garlic butter I ever had in my life. These two worlds colliding brought me an exquisite pallet of creativity that makes the house rave when I concoct a dish. Cuisine for me has always been an art form that’s matured as I became more self aware of the ingredients I’m using together. Which lead me back to this wonderful 5-acred piece of God given organic land I used to call home as my new destination to feed my soul and family. I’ve been raving like most of you about our Fabflava meat rub. Users have said how fabulous it taste on pork butt, beef, and chicken. Now I’m coming to you with a smoked turkey leg recipe that you’ll want to eat it right off of the bone!


With summer here a gourmet lite meal is always a nice way to enjoy a meal without feeling heavy or bloated afterwards. Making gourmet grub is a fun way for me to flex my kitchen skills with old and new favorites. Smoked turkey legs chose me during one of my weekly shopping trips. My fiancé Adam and myself were doing our weekly grocery trip together. Usually it either him or I playing grocery store tag an asking one another, “ Need anything from the store?” This time we’re in the grocery grub shopping together. I should mention that I’m always try to bring something new to the table with family meals to stay adventurous. On this particular trip smoked turkey leg made my 10 second rule of choice. I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a smoked turkey leg but I can tell you it brought back memories. Memories of when I was a youngster and my mom would have a smoked turkey meat in our beans or right off the bone! I remember one time her and I eating it off the bone and just laughing from all the goodness and mess. Mmm mm mm so good! One package of smoked turkey leg went into the cart during this grocery grub experience. The goal for these legs were to be sweet full of Fabflava with a crispy layer on the outside.

Here's how easy it is to make these Maple Cinnamon Fabflava Smoked Turkey Leg.

1. Grab two gallon bags because one will not fit these monstrous legs inside. 

2. Add a generous amount of Maple barbecue sauce to each gallon bag.

3. Add 1/2 tsp of Cinnamon into each gallon bag.

4. Add 1 tablespoon or amount of your liking of Fabflava meat rub to each gallon bag.

5. Place one smoked turkey leg per bag to Coated well in each gallon bag with Maple barbecue sauce and a tablespoon for Fabflava meat rub. Feel free to use them right away after coating them or let them sit in the fridge overnight for full flavor. 

6. Set oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit to bake the legs. 

7. Line a roast pan with water. Place each leg in aluminum foil and place into roaster with water.

8. Bake for 2.5-3 hours. Remove and enjoy with green beans or any fun medley of veggies.