Fabulous Flava: Eggs & Toast Fangboner Style

Fabulous Flava: Eggs & Toast Fangboner Style

It's all too easy to get in a breakfast rut. Fry an egg and put it on a dry piece of toast. *Yawn" Below is a solution to breaking free of your boring breakfast routine.

You'll need:

1 slice of Hawaiian bread

1 egg

Fab Flava Meat Rub


Feta cheese


Warm up a nonstick or cast iron skillet on medium heat, adding a 1/2 tablespoon of butter or oil of choice. When it has gotten hot, crack your egg into the pan and let it cook. Meanwhile, toast your bread.

As the egg cooks, season it to taste with the Fab Flava, then cover with a lid for it to finish cooking to desired doneness.

Slide that egg on your toast, then drizzle it with honey and feta. Bon appetit!

Instant Grits Never Tasted This Good!

Instant Grits Never Tasted This Good!

Lately the go-to breakfast in the Richardson household has been instant grits because 1. It's easy. 2. You can use this simple pantry staple to make a very hearty meal to start the day off right!

Make the grits according to instructions on the box, per usual, but top them with Fangboner Farms Classic Blend, eggs cooked over-easy, extra egg whites, mozzarella cheese, fresh chives, and a splash of chili sauce. Nothing could be simpler - or more delicious - than this.

P.S.: A Little Reel to Brighten Your Day:


Yum Spice Strikes Again: The Breakfast of Champions

Yum Spice Strikes Again: The Breakfast of Champions

We all know that Yum Spice is the ideal combo for your fancy holiday preparations - I'm sure it served all of you well during Thanksgiving dinner! But did you know that it can also turn an everyday breakfast into a delicious feast to start your day?

Try this: season your scrambled eggs with the spice mix, then top it with sauteed  red peppers. As we've noted in a previous newsletter, mixing Yum Spice with softened butter and spreading it on toast makes for a nice treat as well!

Finally, don't forget to get your greens in: toss leafy greens with our Fangboner Rosemary Oil and Secret Menu Salt to top off this breakfast of champions. Chat us up on our website to inquire about the latter two ingredients - they are exclusive/only available upon request!