Skinny Beef Queso Chili

Skinny Beef Queso Chili

 Loaded with lean beef, seasonings, diced tomatoes, pintos, pasta and the best part the homemade Queso sauce! The cold weather always puts me in the mood for a really good chili. This one may be our favorite. It’s a classic chili with a homemade skinny queso sauce with spiral noodles for an added touch.


You will need the following ingredients: 


90/10 Ground Sirloin


Fangboner Farms Organic dried Oregano


Chipotle Chili Powder

Minced Garlic




Pinto Beans

Whole wheat spiral noodles



Petite diced tomatoes

Condensed Tomato soup

 Additional items


Beef Broth

 How it’s made?

I used our pressure cooker (instant pot) to make the chili. This recipe can be achieved by use a large pot on the stove as well. I went lean with the ground beef and used 90/10 ground sirloin. I browned the 2 lbs of ground beef and sautéed a whole sweet onion at the same time in the cooker. Add in chipotle chili pepper, minced garlic, Fangboner Farms organic oregano and cumin. Once meat is browned place two cups of spiral organic whole wheat pasta on top. Pour beef broth over noodles in cooker. Cover and set pressure cooker to HIGH 3 minutes. When done pressurizing open lid to add in petite diced tomatoes and stir. Next add in  drained pinto beans. Stir ingredients together and cover.


In a medium saucepan add in butter. Once melted stir in flour until the mixture is blended well. Pour in organic milk. Once mixture starts to steam add in 2 cups of reduced fat cheddar cheese. Continue to stir cheese in until the mixture is smooth like queso dip. Once dip consistency is achieved add over chili in cooker. Mix well and enjoy with crunchy tortilla chips.


Here is the nutritional information and calories. 


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