Scrambled eggs - Fluffy, Flavorful, and Light

Scrambled eggs - Fluffy, Flavorful, and Light

Need a quick and easy breakfast? Make these easy eggs seasoned to perfection. Here are some tips and tricks to get the right light and fluffy eggs every time without milk or cheese unless you choose to. You won’t make scrambled eggs any other way after making these here. 

I’ve nailed the process to make light, fluffy, and flavorful scrambled eggs every time. I’m sharing all my best tips so you can impress your loved ones and yourself the next time you make eggs for breakfast. Add some waffles and maple sausage for a special weekend breakfast or keep it classic and serve them with your toast of choice with jam. I particularly enjoy using our whole fruit and naturally sweetened jam made on our farm. You can’t go wrong with the strawberry, mixed berry, apple, or raspberry jam varieties offered here. 

Let’s get right to the flavorful egg recipe. 

I like to make sure I have all my ingredients before I begin cooking. 

You will need: 


Egg whites (have more eggs whites than whole eggs)

Classic spice 

To prepare for cooking you will also need: 

A medium size bowl

non-stick cooking spray (coconut spray is our favorite)

a wooden spoon or spatula 

large non-skillet (yes, you can never be too caution when cooking) 

using the coconut spray and Classic Spice Blend will add a touch of sweet and savory to the eggs 

 Here’s how to make the best and easiest scrambled eggs. 

 1. Put all the wet ingredients into the bowl and whisk together with a whisk or fork. 
2. Heat the skillet and spray the non-stick spray over medium heat. 
3. Pour the egg beatings to the skillet and scramble it up with your spatula or wooden spoon. As the eggs cook at the bottom begin to pull them into the center and around the skillet as they cook continue to scramble with the spatula or wooden spoon being used. You’ll notice big soft curds of egg as it cooks and you continue to scramble until the uncooked eggs are cooked. 
4. Serve immediately, don’t leave eggs in the skillet that are cooked because they will continue to cook and you don’t want to eat over cooked eggs. 

What goes well with scrambled eggs?

Fresh chives, cheese, salsa, sautéed onions, parsley, cilantro, or basil. 

Lets play show and tell in the comments with your scrambled eggs. 

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