Creamy Beef & Potato Soup 🥩 🥔

Creamy Beef & Potato Soup 🥩 🥔

Looking for a new soup recipe?I have been quite the #aldinerd + it’s Soup season all winter long. As long as snows on the ground a pot of warmth is necessary. Using our organic herb blends make any recipe flavor just POP! No salt added so add based off your taste buds. Find Classic Spice Blend here. 

Classic Spice Blend really makes this a game changing recipe. Let’s not wait any longer.

📝  Here’s the grocery list for this recipe. 

1 package of stew beef
Fangboner Farms Classic Spice Blend
Bag of hashbrowns
Beef stock
Shredded cheese of choice
1 Tablespoon minced garlic
Sliced Mushrooms
Cream Cheese

🥣 Here are the instructions for these ingredients.

Directions: Brown beef season with Classic spice blend. Add onion and garlic sautee’ with beef til tender. Add mushrooms, hashbrowns, beef stock. Cover and pressurize for 4 minutes. Release lid. Whisk in cream cheese. Add in half of shredded cheese. Serve and drizzle more cheese on top. Recipe can be done in any pot either on the stove, in your instapot or crockpot(brown meat before adding when cooking this way)



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