Almost gluten-free FabFlava Chicken salad!

Almost gluten-free FabFlava Chicken salad!

If you don’t make anything else from this blog make this almost gluten-free FabFlava chicken salad. Healthy, easy and good! I’ve always experimented with food pairing. I’ve became more adventurous with meat rubs on all my beef, chicken, and even fish. When I first started using our meat rub I was pleasantly hooked to use it on all the meats and more. And if you’ve never used it your life has been incomplete. The great things about this recipe is that it will taste delicious as a marinade/high flavor vinaigrette for your legume, tofu, and veggies galore. This recipe is delicious, quick to make, and for anyone looking for a good summer meal staple. 


I’ve been a huge fan of chicken salad for years. As I’ve made it over the years I’d add some of this and that switching the spice paring up every time. I’ve tried my fair share of chicken salads as well. That’s how I know this is the best not just because it’s healthy and delicious but it’s devoured without a trace every time it’s made in my kitchen.


This chicken salad recipe I’m sharing today is perfectly suited to be made for any occasion; even breakfast if you choose. My particular favorite is using celery hearts as forks to scoop away and feed the deliciousness to my belly. Let’s talk about how I get this chicken salad to be so delicious.

How to cook chicken breast for this recipe:

 My favorite method for cooking chicken breast is pressure cooker aka your instapot. The great thing about cooking the chicken in a pressure cooker is that it tenderizes the chicken so it’s a breeze to shred with a fork. This is the texture you want for chicken salad recipes like this one. This method works best with boneless and bone in chicken breast. I prefer to use organic boneless skinless chicken breast when I make chicken salad.

How to prepare your chicken?

My secret is FabFlava meat rub! Fangboner Farms makes this combination of basil, oregano, sage, rosemary, parsley, sea salt, pepper, and lavender. This natural meat rub is the first one I made it’s FabFlava Meat Rub. I made this using pretty much every culinary herb we grow – and of course sea salt and black pepper (which we don’t grow.) It has that wonderful earthy aroma and since I don’t ground my herbs very fine (I’m one of those cooks who likes to rub the herbs between my fingers and grind them when I add them to the pot) they are the perfect texture to rub into whatever meat you want to use. Disclaimer: Flavor Flav doesn’t endorse this meat rub- although I’m sure he’d love it if he tried it. And since I changed up the name a bit there’s no copyright infringement. 

What kind of liquid should I use to pressure cook chicken breast for chicken salad?

You can use any liquid you would like. I use purified water most often being of the availability. Water is fine but chicken broth is much better. 

How to prepare the chicken for the chicken breast?

Place your chicken in a gallon size bag with a tablespoon of FabFlava meat rub. Add more meat rub to suit your flavor needs. Pour .5 cups of lite balsamic vinaigrette dressing into the bag. Shake that bag up and rub those flavors into your chicken. Transfer the chicken from the bag into pressure cooker of liquid that covers the top of the chicken. Set pressure cooker timer to 6 minutes, lock the lid, and walk away.

How do you make homemade chicken salad?

Once the chicken breast is done transfer it to a storage container large enough to hold the chicken for it to cool. This recipe does make enough for a few meals or people. Adjust it as you need to. Add 1-2 tablespoons of Hellmann’s organic mayonnaise into the container of chicken with a squeeze or two of Heinz Carolina Mustard style bbq sauce. Mix ingredients together will shreds the chicken within the container. I’ve added Fangboner Farms Cornucopia that’s home produced dried fruit. The Cornucopia raisins and apples are my absolutely favorites to pair with this almost gluten-free FabFlava chicken salad. The Cornucopia is launching June 8th at the Open House at Fangboner Farms. Get all the Open House for your Health details right here.



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