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Fangboner Fridays Presents: Summer Sales & Sweet Treats

Fangboner Fridays Presents: Summer Sales & Sweet Treats

We’ve got so much going on at Fangboner Farms to kick off the month of June that we just had to share a little post to break it down! We’ve missed our little blog sessions and we know you have too.

First, let’s talk hostas and perennials. This weekend only we will have hostas on sale for $5. You read that right. $5. It ends at midnight on Sunday. Read more here

This weekend also features specials on two varieties of our gorgeous perennials, including the lovely Frosty Fire. We’re keeping the other variety very hush-hush until you come visit. C’mon, we have to keep some surprises up our sleeves, right?

Oh, and we are going live on Facebook this Wednesday, June 10th at 3pm, to begin our next plant sale. It’s a lot of fun and super easy. You can either pay for and pick up your purchase during business hours, or you can have it delivered for free if you live within a 10 mile radius and spend $25 or more. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date on our events and sales.

Finally, we want to give a shout-out to all of you loyal fans of our Grandma’s Lemon Loaf that we make fresh to order. We’ve gotten so many orders and rave reviews on this favorite family recipe. 

It’s available as a full loaf, personal mini loaf, and full cake. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the farm this weekend. Our hours are Friday from 11am-6:30pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9am-4pm. See you soon!
Hudson Bay Blanket Pumpkin...Sort Of

Hudson Bay Blanket Pumpkin...Sort Of

Have I mentioned that I am not so naturally crafty or artistically inclined as my mother and sister? Well, here you have my Hudson Bay Blanket Pumpkin: 



It was supposed to look like this: 


Let me explain. I didn’t read the instructions so, when my mother went out to buy materials for our evening of pumpkin decorating, she bought paint instead of what the instructions specified – multicolored painters tape. Ah, well. As we were late getting started, I went ahead with the paint, which was difficult to apply smoothly over the white spray paint. I made this one way more difficult than it would have been if I had taken the time to read the directions.

All it would take to create this classy design (as it was meant to be made) would be to buy black, green, red, yellow, and blue painters tape; then wrap the colors around in the pattern shown. So much for simplicity! I spent the same amount of time trying to paint straight lines around my pumpkin as Cassie did with her intricate design. If you try this one, I’m sure you won’t make my mistake. I’ve been describing this one as a Pinterest fail, so you are welcome to do the same😉

Trick or Treat Pumpkin

Trick or Treat Pumpkin

In second place for the Holden Family Pumpkin Decorating Contest, the honor goes to Cassie’s Trick or Treat pumpkin. This idea also came from Country Living from a couple of years ago (my mom is less into Pinterest pinning and more into dismantling magazines and keeping the ideas she likes in binders). Here’s the magazine version:


And here is Cassie’s finished project: 


This one has less steps, but it does require a steady hand.

  1. Put painter’s tape on the stem to cover it, then spray paint the pumpkin black. Note: Don’t make the mistake of getting glossy spray paint. Go for matte. I was teasing Cass that her pumpkin looked like a trash bag!
  2. After letting the pumpkin sit long enough that the paint is no longer tacky, you are ready to break out the paint brushes and white acrylic paint for the design. Now, you could draw the design on paper first, cut out the stencil, then use a pencil to trace it on the pumpkin before you start painting. Cassie freehanded it and I think it turned out pretty well!
  3. Take the painter’s tape off of the stem and let it dry. Done!