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Antibacterial Spray – Natural Choices

Antibacterial Spray – Natural Choices

When you have a cut or a scrape – a “boo boo” if you will – the first thing you need to do is clean it, and you have to keep it clean if you want to avoid what could be a serious infection. Many people don’t realize that there are many essential oils that contain antibacterial properties, so off they go to the pharmacy to get a tube of Neosporin, which is perfectly useful and beneficial for keeping away infections. However, there are people with skin sensitivities that may have issues with this common over-the-counter option. It is not uncommon for people to develop skin inflammation after applying these ointments. For those of us with sensitive skin, or those who are simply curious about the power of essential oils to ward off infection, I give you BooBoo Spray. Yes, that is the name – a bit of nostalgia for what we all used to say to our mothers when we got hurt (I actually said BoBo…I am from Louisiana and we are weird).

So, what is in it? Our BooBoo Spray is made from distilled water, tea tree oil, lavender oil, and jasmine oil. The tea tree oil is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory essential oil. Along with jasmine, which also helps to rid your wound of harmful bacteria, the tea tree oil cleans and disinfects to prevent infection. The final ingredient, lavender, helps to relieve pain naturally. So there you have it – you are going to smell great, feel relaxed (another perk of lavender), clean your wound, and ease the pain.

Make sure to find this spray when you visit our farm market store on opening day – May 19th from 9am to 6pm – it’s just around the corner! We’ll be selling lots of herbal combinations – teas, candles, natural remedies, and more. Feel free to message us if you have any questions about opening day or our products.

Our Essential Oil Candle Line

Our Essential Oil Candle Line

As I walk into the Fangboner Farms store, I am greeted with so many pleasant scents – the herbs, teas and, most of all, the candles – they all come together in a medley that makes you think of home.

Fangboner Farms carries soy wax candles with essential oils that last longer than any candle you’ll find at a chain store. Whether you choose our bestselling Winter at Fangboner Farms or one of our newer scents like Raspberry Fangria or Just Peachy, you will feel like it’s a day at the spa!

Our featured scents that you can purchase from our website right now include Winter at Fangboner Farms (in demand in all seasons!), Blackberry Sage (a springtime favorite that smells sweet with rich, sage undertones), and Sweet Orange & Hot Chili Pepper (an uplifting mixture that says springtime is finally here). Any of these options can be added to your shopping cart today.

There are still other scents that are new and only available in our storefront at this time. Come on in to the store to buy these new options in person.

  • Summer Honey
  • Bug Away
  • Lilac
  • Just Peachy
  • Raspberry Fangria
  • Cinnamon Bun


Mason jar candles are $8, Melts are $4, large clamped jars are $15, and crocks are $15. Don’t forget that you can always return your container after use and receive $2 off your next candle! You can’t beat that, and you’re helping us recycle. If you are looking for gifts, you can find very festive gift baskets with these scents, teas, tea cups, and more!


Our store will be open in early May this year, so make it a point to come see what’s new at the farm. Come in, sip some tea, and take some time for yourself. You deserve it.

Everything You Need to Know about Smudging

Everything You Need to Know about Smudging

First thing’s first: what on earth is smudging, anyway? For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, smudging is the burning of herbs, oftentimes as a kind of purification ritual to cleanse your space. Smudge sticks are used for this practice and, while they can be made of different herb combos, they usually contain sage. Our smudge sticks our made completely from organic sage grown on Fangboner Farms, and they have been known to leave people feeling far more at ease after they’ve been burned.


Used by many indigenous tribes and cultures, smudge sticks can serve more purposes than simply making your home smell like sage (though that is another perk!). I went to Puerto Morales, Mexico a few years ago and had the opportunity to get a traditional Mayan massage from a woman named Reina in her home. Before the massage, she lit a smudge stick and moved it slowly around where I was standing, wafting the smoke toward me. The smell was relaxing, it made me feel like I was being purified spiritually and, honestly, the smoke helped a lot with the mosquitoes in there! She still had to spray me with some Off before the massage was over, but it did seem to keep them at bay for a while. FYI, you should accept that there will be mosquitoes if you get a massage in the Yucatan Peninsula in a house with a thatched roof. I would do it again, though. It was a magical experience.


My point is that the smudge sticks added to the experience. But…what if I’m not a “purification ritual” kind of gal (or guy)? you may ask. Well, there are many other benefits to burning sage in your home. It helps relieve stress, it can reduce unpleasant odors, and it even has antibacterial properties. So your home will smell great, be cleaner and, even if there is only a teeny tiny part of you that thinks your house might be haunted after you watched The Conjuring, it will give you peace of mind.