Fangboner Farms

Fangboner Farms: The Perfect Event Venue

Fangboner Farms: The Perfect Event Venue

When you are hosting an event, whether it is a club meeting or a bridal shower, you want to make sure that the setting is unique and memorable. That’s why we are reopening Fangboner Farms as an event venue! At $15 per person, you will have access to our Farm Market Store, our charming patio space, and the rest of our grounds for whatever you have planned.

Fangboner Farms has been used as a venue for professional meetings, non-profit organization events, birthday parties, and small club meetings, to name a few. Those who have held events at the farm enjoy the Farm Market Store for its cozy wood-burning stove during the winter and for the iced tea made from our own organic tea blends that we serve during the summer. We offer refreshments like these yearlong, including samples of homemade wine.

Our venue isn’t only for adults, though. Kids love hanging out at the farm and being surrounded by nature. We have a firepit for groups to gather round and roast marshmallows in the winter, which is always a bit hit! We are even planning to get a big screen to show movies out on our patio. Our store already has a nice sound system for playing the music of your choice.

Renting our space is also the perfect opportunity to do a little shopping – from our bestselling candles to our natural remedies, it never hurts to do some early Christmas shopping while you are spending time with us.

If you have questions about our venue, would like to take a tour of our facilities, or want to book our venue for your next event, let us know by emailing us at

End of Season Sales

End of Season Sales

The heat is finally abating, and I am so excited to be going to the Mud Hens game tonight in 67 degree weather! I know that all of you are glad to have some relief from the heat. Lots of people are even posting about putting up Halloween decorations – a bit early for me, but I get it. You’re ready for fall festivities and cooler temperatures.

Speaking of cooler temperatures, you may have noticed as you pull into the Fangboner Farms driveway that there is a big sign announcing “100% More Wood” for $5.99. It is almost time to start building bonfires, roasting marshmallows, and *sigh* sipping pumpkin spice lattes (don’t hate). Seriously $5.99 is a fantastic deal for firewood, so prepare yourself for outdoor fall fun and buy some this weekend.

Also, we are selling our regular hostas for $10, variegated ones for $12-$15, and the dwarf hostas out front for $6-$8 (depending on the container). You’ll also find our perennials on sale for $10 and shrubs ranging from $20-$25. You can come by during our regular weekend hours to take advantage of these promotions, or give Roland a call at 419-320-3865 to make an appointment to come by and browse during the week.


AND…when you buy any plant at the farm we are going to give you what we like to call a…um…Boner Bag. Fill it up with all the veggies and fruits you find growing around the farm. Right now we have bell peppers, banana peppers, tomatoes, and grapes that are ready to be picked. What a deal! Buy a plant or any of the goodies from the Farm Market Store (candles, spices, smudge sticks, etc.), and you will get a bag full of produce.

Saturdays with Roland

Saturdays with Roland

Fall is upon us, so I thought it would be a good idea to meet up with Roland on a Saturday while he’s working at the farm market store and tending to his plants. The two of us talked about tips for plant care, his plans for the season and perennial specials.

Tip from Roland: If you are looking to make life easier for yourself in taking care of your container plants, you should consider using pine needles, wood chips, or even grass clippings. Put a layer of them around the base of the plant. This will seal in the moisture and prevent weeds from taking root. This way, you won’t have to water or weed nearly as often! Simple, but not everyone does this.

Besides tips like this, Roland and I also discussed his nursery, an area behind the farm market store where his clippings and seedlings get their start. You’ll find the beginnings of apple and pear trees, a concord grape vine, variegated hydrangeas, and lots of perennial plants. Roland acquired many of these cuttings from his landscaping jobs – people might give him cuttings, or even mature plants when they are trying to downsize. Taking things that people think aren’t useful or beautiful anymore is part of the Fangboner Farms philosophy. Roland will find a place for it on the farm and help it find its true potential.

To protect this nursery from the harsh, Ohio winter winds, Roland has been working on a natural barrier that he calls the fort. It is made up of hay stacks, brush leaves, branches, and whatever organic materials he can find to construct this large wall.

“A fort is designed to protect you from the enemy,” he says. “In the winter, the wind comes from the west, directly toward these clippings. The fort will protect them.” He also plans on putting a small cannon and flag to add a little whimsey to the practical solution.

Next week we’ll talk about exciting upcoming events and sales that Roland has planned for the transition to fall. Til next time!