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Where is time going??

Where is time going??

I'm turning into an old fogy like my folks were. Of course I thought they were ancient when they were 50 and I think that is when I started to grow up. But seriously, where is time going? I can't seem to keep up. I thought menopause with my lack of sleep would help by giving me a few more hours a day, but that just isn't enough. 

Roland and I are both still doing our full time gigs - landscaping and marketing. We still both love what we do. Fangboner Farms is our dream - although many say hobby - and I guess that could be true. Nothing is more fun to me than working in the Farm Market, being creative and putting ideas together. I love creating new teas, blends and art.

Roland is happiest working on the Farm, putzing around from sunrise to sunset. He loves to give tours of his gardens to folks when they come out. Roland is constantly coming up with new ideas for our landscaping - and most of the time I'm as surprised as everyone else when I come home and discover he's turned my parking spot into a flower garden. 

I've been a little introspective this spring on where we've been and where we're going. I will admit turning 57 made me think a bit more about time and what I want to do with it. I'm proud of what we've built - and at the same time it seems like it just started. Where did five years go? The picture above is when we put our first sign up on the barn - that was in 2012. It seems like just last year.

We've done business planning with our trusted advisers on our next steps and where we want to be. We both know we want to keep enjoying Fangboner Farms and what we're building - and at times wish we'd met many years before when we had a bit more energy to build. Bottom line, time is going by. We're working the best to enjoy what we do, give joy to others and make ourselves happy. We're grateful that all of you have come along on the ride with us. 

Now to just add a few more hours to the day. . . 

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