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What is Hygge, Anyway?

What is Hygge, Anyway?

If you've been on Pinterest anytime within the last few years, you've probably run into the Scandinavian term "hygge" (pronounced "hue-guh"). So what is it? Basically, in Nordic countries, they have long dark winters that require lots of indoor time, so they like to employ hygge in their space to make that time not just bearable, but comfy-cozy.

Hygge is all about twinkle lights, candles, soft blankets, and sitting around the fire with your loved ones playing board games instead of playing on your phone. It's about bringing the natural world into your home when it is too snowy and cold to spend lots of time outdoors. 

To implement hygge Fangboner style, try lighting our Winter at Fangboner Farms candle while enjoying a hot cup of one of our many tea blends, get comfy under your softest blanket and do something that brings you pure joy - it could be reading a book, catching up with an old friend over the phone, or knitting. Find your own way to hygge this winter, and we promise you'll never feel resentful of the cold days ahead.

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