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Top 5 Ways to Get Ready for Fall

Top 5 Ways to Get Ready for Fall

Over the years, we’ve written lots of seasonal blog posts, and our favorite of those are generally those related to fall. And guess what? Fall is right around the corner! If you can believe that. For this week’s Fangboner Friday blog post, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the festive posts you might have missed on our website.

  1. Mixing it Up with Pumpkin Painting - This post will get you away from your pumpkin-carving rut with an adorable owl creation instead!
  2. Everything You Need to Know About Smudging - It might not seem obvious...but you know that creeped out feeling you get after watching a scary movie around Halloween? Smudge away the bad vibes.
  3. Fangboner Farms Apple Pie - Go apple picking, then treat yourself to this fall favorite.
  4. Cheese Dip for festive fall get-togethers. Your guests won't soon forget this dip! It's filled with pecans, cranberries, and all things that are good.
  5. Granny’s Shells is a simple, hearty pasta dish that we love to make as soon as we hit the first cold snap.

Hope this list gets you off on the right foot for your fall festivities!

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