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Grandma's Lemon Loaf: How our Family Recipe is Reaching a Wider Fan Base

Grandma's Lemon Loaf: How our Family Recipe is Reaching a Wider Fan Base

Within the past few years, we've taken our family recipe for Grandma's Lemon Loaf and expanded it to include vegan and sugar-free options, plus different flavor varieties. The result has been a cake our faithful followers cannot get enough of, which is what prompted us to make it accessible to folks with different dietary needs in the first place. 

Now you can find Grandma's Lemon Loaf being featured on the BCAN channel, as you can check out below, but also in the Toledo City Paper Wedding Guide that came out this spring. The feature is called Beyond the Cake, and it takes readers off the beaten path of traditional wedding fare to present dessert tables that offer the unexpected. As you probably know by now, Get the Unexpected is our motto for a reason! We are proud to be included in this roundup of local dessert options. 

Aside from weddings, Grandma's Lemon Loaf can be ordered for many different types of events, holiday gatherings, or as a simple way to jazz up a routine family dinner. Click here to learn more!


Izabella West on Farm Living

Izabella West on Farm Living

This is Erin Holden with Fangboner Farms, and I'm here with Izabella West. She is the daughter of the Farm's CEO, Elizabeth Richardson, and she's going to tell us a few things about what it was like growing up around the farm. Hi, Izabella! How are you?
I'm good!

Thank you for being with us today. So, how about you tell me some of your earliest memories of Fangboner Farms. I know you're 11 years old now, so you've probably been around the farm for a long time, right?

So what are some of your earliest memories of the farm?
My earliest memories are picking fruits with my grandpa and my mom, and planting seeds for plants and flowers.

Did you always enjoy doing that?
Yeah, it was always fun.

I bet that was a fun way to hang out with your grandpa too.

Don't you sometimes sell lemonade during the summers? Yes. It was my idea. I saw the lemonade in a little cookbook, and I thought it would be fun to make.

I saw recently that you got a key to the farm's general store. Tell me about what that was like. It was so cool! I asked my mom, like, a month or two before if I could have a key and she said, "Wait till you get older." And then on Christmas I saw a little scavenger hunt next to my bed, and then when I completed it, the key was in my closet.

What a good way to get the key. So, since you got the key, do you help your mom and grandpa even more with taking care of Fangboner Farms?
I help my mom collect the orders with my key because I open the shop most of the time. I help my mom bag and bead the tea, and then we package it up, and we do that with the spices. I make tea mixes, and I help them make Lemon Loafs.

That's a family recipe, right? Yes.

What is your favorite of the teas that you helped make? My favorite is the chamomile/lemongrass/pear.

When you get older, would you like to be even more involved with the farm? Yes.

Well, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. I think our listeners and readers will really like to hear from you about all the cool stuff that you get to do at the farm. You're welcome!