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Look for us at Boochy Mama!

Look for us at Boochy Mama!

Most people from the Toledo area are familiar with Boochy Mama's delicious varieties of kombucha by now, but did you know that the Boochy Mama shop carries local products from other vendors? They do, and we are proud to be one of them! Our BooBoo Spray, Good Riddance Spray, many of our single herbs, and all of our herb blends (Classic, Italian, and Rosemint), plus our meat rubs (Fab Flava and Melting Pot) can be found in Boochy Mama's Natural Living Boutique.

The shopping experience at the Boutique is truly a celebration of what female entrepreneurs can do when they put their mind to it. Boochy Mama owner Stacy Jurich and our own CEO Elizabeth Richardson have a lot in common: both are busy moms who have managed to create beloved local brands that are steadily expanding. You can learn more about Stacy in this wonderful article about entrepreneurial local moms.

Make sure to check out Boochy Mama's Natural Living Boutique at 130 10th St., Thursdays from 2-6pm and Saturdays from 10am-2pm. Along with our products, you'll find Luckey Rd. Lavender Co., JUST Toledo, SONIA Organics, and much more.

5 Ways to Keep Pests Away

5 Ways to Keep Pests Away


It's unfortunate that outdoor summertime fun too often includes unwelcome guests: mosquitoes and other pesky insects. Luckily, there are some basic things you can do to ward them off and deal with the occasional bite naturally.

Embrace the Smells they Hate - We carry a Bug Away soy wax candle that really does the trick. It’s the citronella essential oil that the mosquitoes cannot stand.

Deal with Bites the Natural Way - Try as we might, bug bites are going to happen from time-to-time. Rather than scratching compulsively, spray some of our Boo Boo Spray on it. It’s a natural solution to scrapes, burns, and - you guessed it - bites.

Baby Oil - Sometimes the easiest way to keep insects like mosquitoes, and especially sand flies at the beach, off of your skin is to smooth on a generous amount of baby oil; a simple and inexpensive solution to ward off the pests.

Plant Rosemary - Struggling to keep bugs away from your outdoor hangout space? Plant lots of rosemary. There’s something about the smell that many biting insects really dislike.

Avoid standing water - If your outdoor patio has standing water around it, you are asking for trouble. Do whatever you can to fill in those low-lying areas with gravel, dirt, or maybe even go all out with a bit of landscaping.
5 Holiday Gifts $10 and Under

5 Holiday Gifts $10 and Under

With the holidays right around the corner, we want to remind you how many gifts you can buy from our local farm for under $10! These products are crowd pleasers that also happen to be good for your pocketbook. Don’t forget to book a special shopping visit with us with our new scheduling system for off-season shopping. All of these products are available on our website as well (see links below)!

  1. Body Scrub - For the friend in your life who's always looking for health and beauty products that are all-natural, this avocado and sea salt scrub is an excellent choice. $10
  2. Grandma’s Lemon Loaf (personal mini loaf)  - For your loved one who has an insatiable sweet tooth! $7
  3. Large 4 0z. Mason Jars of Mint  - One of our most popular herbs harvested at Fangboner Farms. $10
  4. Meat Rubs - Both our FabFlava and Melting Pot Meat Rubs are always a hit with folks who love to cook. $9 each
  5. BooBoo Spray -  a natural remedy for cuts, scrapes and minor skin irritations. It’s a formula by our resident naturopathic doctor, Kristal Richardson. A practical gift for only $6.