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A Cup of Chamomile= A Cup of Calm

A Cup of Chamomile= A Cup of Calm

If you’re like us, you think of fall as a time to unwind. What better way to do that than to enjoy a cup of chamomile tea? Chamomile, our herb of the week, is so much more than a relaxation agent (it contains apigenin, an antioxidant that helps promote sleep). Its benefits are far reaching for your digestive system, your liver, and so much more.

“A human research study demonstrated that chamomile tea may reduce postpartum depression and improve insomnia and boredom,” says Dr. Kristal, adding that the herb also has antidiabetic effects, can stop diarrhea, and can inhibit harmful bacteria from growing in the stomach. 

Another pro tip from the doctor: “Several studies suggest consuming a cup of chamomile with meals to help lower blood sugar levels. Chamomile tea may be beneficial in preventing spikes in blood sugar while also preventing damage to pancreatic cells when blood sugar levels are chronically elevated.”

So enjoy your next meal with a cup of our healthy and relaxing chamomile/mint, chamomile/lemongrass/pear, or raspberry/lemongrass/chamomile/lime. So many flavors. So many health benefits.

Pineapple Mint: Complex Flavors, Powerful Medicine

Pineapple Mint: Complex Flavors, Powerful Medicine

This week in our herb series we are focused on the medicinal properties of pineapple mint, which you can find in one of the tea blends we offer at Fangboner Farms (pineapple mint/mint/orange). This refreshing, tropical blend is so much more than a tasty brew; it is full of health benefits. 

Pineapple mint is carminative, meaning that it packs a serious punch when it comes to, er, moving things along. 

“A cup of pineapple tea works great in soothing the walls in your gut. It can help relieve cramps and removes gas from the digestive tract,” says Dr. Kristal Richardson, a certified naturopathic doctor. 

She says this herb is also considered both antiseptic (it inhibits and kills the growth of microorganisms) and febrifuge, meaning it can help reduce fever

“It works great for controlling a fever and for fighting nasty infections,” Dr. Kristal adds.

You can find further information about pineapple mint at Pubmed, Natural Medicinal Herbs, and Herbalpedia.

Heat Wave Survival Kit: 5 Essentials

Heat Wave Survival Kit: 5 Essentials

We are in the midst of the hottest part of the summer (hopefully this is as hot as it gets at least!) here in Lucas County. To get through it, we’ve put together a list of five essential items we offer at Fangboner Farms to help you make it through the dog days of summer.

1. A tank top like this one to keep you feeling cool in every sense of the word. We offer them in both men’s and women’s sizes. They’ve gotten rave reviews, and you know you’ll like repping that Fangboner swag.

2. BooBoo Spray - this all-natural essential oil spray is a helpful treatment for “boo boos” and bites, but it’s also safe and refreshing to spray on your body to cool off.

3. Our Sea Salt & Avocado Body Scrub will be your new favorite beauty/wellness tool for the summer. Because you know what happens to your pores when you sweat, right? They get clogged. This mix will keep your skin looking radiant throughout the season.

4. A soothing body lotion, like our vanilla scented essential oil cream, for post-sunburn care. No need to let the peeling stage keep you indoors out of a flake-induced shame. Stay moisturized and glowing!

5. An ice-cold glass of tea will keep you revived. Right now we recommend the Butterfly Pea Flower blend. It contains anti-aging properties. And, according to our youngest Fangboner Farm helper, “It tastes like fruit loops!”

To beat the heat (and the rain), shop at our Farm Market store this weekend. We’ve also got gorgeous perennials and herbs available for sale too. For everyone's safety, we are recommending all customers wear masks. See you soon!