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An Orange a Day Keeps Anemia Away

An Orange a Day Keeps Anemia Away

We use orange in our pineapple mint/mint/orange , not just because it’s a delicious combo, but because there are so many benefits to this delightfully sweet natural remedy. Packed with Vitamin C to help with the absorption of iron, DNA repair, and boosting serotonin levels, oranges are also a valuable source of potassium, making them good for your heart.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but an orange a day keeps anemia way,”
says Dr. Kristal. “And it also lowers your risk for heart disease and kidney stones.” 

You’ll also find that regularly consuming oranges will help you maintain a healthy weight because they are packed with flavonoids, providing protection from free radicals as well. Nothing like staying healthy and keeping off those added pounds during the holiday season, am I right? Of course, oranges alone won’t do that, but they might help keep you on track. 

Whether you consume them whole or as a dry ingredient (as they are in our teas), it’s certainly a healthy and delicious choice.

Keep Yourself in Mint Condition

Keep Yourself in Mint Condition

Last week we explored the benefits of pineapple mint with Dr. Kristal Richardson, and this week will be an expansion on that with the healing properties of mint (an herb in so, so many of our products). 

There are many benefits to drinking a cup of tea with mint, including it as an ingredient in your meal, or using the pure essential oils from it topically. It can help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), relieve indigestion when combined with caraway, and even improve your memory!

Here’s another thing to keep in mind as we enter the cold weather season in the coming months: it helps you clear your sinuses.

“Mint tea is a great way to clear up your sinus…yes, the sinuses,” says Dr. Kristal Richardson. “Research has demonstrated that menthol, the active ingredient in mint, improves airflow in the nasal cavity. So, the next time you have sinus congestion and you need to breathe, drink a cup of mint tea.”

Let one tablespoon of mint simmer in hot water for five to ten minutes, then enjoy its many benefits. Stay tuned for next week’s exploration of the various herbal remedies available at Fangboner Farms!