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Reasons to Choose Raspberry

Reasons to Choose Raspberry

One of our very favorite fruits to add to our tea blends is the small-but-mighty raspberry, and we use their leaves to add any extra healthy punch. Dr. Kristal says that raspberry leaves are a wonderful choice to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and what better way to enjoy it than with a cup of herbal tea?

"Raspberry leaves are perfect for all things concerning women," she adds. "It tones and strengthens the uterus while tightening the pelvic wall. Research supports the use of raspberry tea to support PMS symptoms and decrease the nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy."

As always, if you are pregnant, consult your practitioner about the use of herbal supplements and teas. 

You'll find raspberry in two of our tea blends: raspberry/spearmint/strawberry and raspberry/lemongrass/chamomile/lime.  Order yours today or stop by our General Store for a sample! Health benefits aside, you might also indulge in a slice of Grandma's Lemon Loaf with one of these teas. It's a wonderful pairing, especially if you are trying to treat your family to something special during the holidays.

Pineapple Mint: Complex Flavors, Powerful Medicine

Pineapple Mint: Complex Flavors, Powerful Medicine

This week in our herb series we are focused on the medicinal properties of pineapple mint, which you can find in one of the tea blends we offer at Fangboner Farms (pineapple mint/mint/orange). This refreshing, tropical blend is so much more than a tasty brew; it is full of health benefits. 

Pineapple mint is carminative, meaning that it packs a serious punch when it comes to, er, moving things along. 

“A cup of pineapple tea works great in soothing the walls in your gut. It can help relieve cramps and removes gas from the digestive tract,” says Dr. Kristal Richardson, a certified naturopathic doctor. 

She says this herb is also considered both antiseptic (it inhibits and kills the growth of microorganisms) and febrifuge, meaning it can help reduce fever

“It works great for controlling a fever and for fighting nasty infections,” Dr. Kristal adds.

You can find further information about pineapple mint at Pubmed, Natural Medicinal Herbs, and Herbalpedia.