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New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

One of the things we're most passionate about at Fangboner Farms is incorporating natural herbal health remedies into the lives of our customers. That has been so much of the focus when it comes to our tea line, particularly within the last year. We have our sweet, zesty Immune Boosting Tea, a blend fortified with ginger to protect you from free radicals (and help with nausea), but all of our tea blends have something to offer health-wise. If you followed our herbal remedy series with Dr. Kristal, you know just how many benefits there are to incorporating herbs into your life.

This brings me to my next point: New Years resolutions. We all think about how to better are lives during this time of year, so we'd like to suggest you try our tea service. It involves letting us know what your goals are so that we can choose teas that will help you reach those goals. Trust me, when you're faced with so many choices, you'll want to have folks who've studied the benefits of these teas put together the perfect healthful cocktail for what ails ya. 

Book your Tea Experience for a limited time price of $77 - it includes the consultation, the herbal teas we recommend, and shipping/local delivery. We're so excited to help our customers be their healthiest selves in 2021! 

Merry Christmas to you all!


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Pass the Pears

Pass the Pears

As part of this week’s blog in our “herb series,” we’ll be talking about one of our favorite fruits instead: pear. We include dehydrated pears in some of our teas, creating a sweet flavor for our customers to enjoy during every season. Now let’s get to the health benefits of this fall favorite.

Dr. Kristal's research has found that pears do wonders for your digestive tract, acting as a prebiotic for cultivating healthy gut bacteria. They are also filled with antioxidants that can vary based on the type of pear you’re eating. For example, red pears are an excellent source of anthocyanin, which aids in heart health, while green pears contain lutein and zeaxanthin, making them supportive for your eye health. 

It’s also true that all pears, no matter the variety, can actually reduce your risk of heart disease, keep your cholesterol at a healthy level, and decrease inflammation. 

Try our chamomile/lemongrass/pear tea blend and reap all the benefits!