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New Year's Gratitude

New Year's Gratitude

As I reflect on this incredibly difficult but fulfilling year, it's difficult to take in all that has happened. We had to change strategies early in the 2020 once the pandemic hit, launching products that we knew would be most helpful to our customers (hand sanitizers, sanitary wipes, immune booster teas, etc.). The most important thing for us as a company was making sure that everyone we serve stayed safe and healthy.

All this is to say a huge thank you to all of you for supporting our small family business. With so many companies closing all over the country, we have had to really hustle to avoid such a fate. We couldn't have done it without you.

Fangboner Farms has three generations of family members running it, including our youngest, Bella. We closed out 2020 with a Christmas scavenger hunt that ended with a very special prize - a key to our store. I hope you enjoy these pictures of a budding entrepreneur playing our holiday game!

With love and gratitude,

Elizabeth Richardson, Fangboner Farms CEO

Fangboner Farms Thanksgiving Day Tool Kit

Fangboner Farms Thanksgiving Day Tool Kit

Thanksgiving Day may look a lot different this year, but it's important to observe the gratitude of being with the people you love - even if you do have to employ Zoom calls and outdoor social distancing. We want you to make the most of your holiday, so we put together a little Fangboner Farms list of 5 things to make your day special.

1. Yum Spice Blend - No matter what dish you cook for Turkey Day, this blend is the perfect way to add a little zest to it.


2. Meat Rubs - Whether you choose Fab Flava or Melting Pot, it's an easy way to prepare your turkey, ham or other meats for your Thanksgiving spread.

3. Festive Candles - Who doesn't want to be greeted by the smell of our Cinnamon Bun candle, or Winter at Fangboner Farms? It will help keep your spirits bright.

4. Decadent Desserts - With 48 hours notice, we'll have Grandma's Lemon Loaf, Chocolate Dreamland, or both ready for pickup or delivery (within 10 miles).

5. Sanitizers - Check out our Unicorn Tie Dye Disinfectant Wipes, Hand Gel Sanitizer, and more on our Accessories page to stay safe on Thanksgiving Day.

We hope you all enjoy this precious time with family, and have a wonderful holiday!

Buyers Beware: Not all Hand Sanitizers are Created Equal

Buyers Beware: Not all Hand Sanitizers are Created Equal

Last month, the FDA released an advisory against using certain hand sanitizers that contain a harmful ingredient: methanol. It’s a wood alcohol that is toxic when ingested or absorbed through your skin. Many of these products have been recalled after the ingredient was discovered, but there are still some that might be lingering on the market, or at least in your home.

We want to reassure our customers that our hand sanitizer and spray is a safe and natural tool for good hygiene. First our hand sanitizer: it’s made with aloe vera gel, lavender and tea tree oils, and alcohol. Our hand and beard disinfectant sanitizer spray is made with the same essential oils, alcohol, disinfecting hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, and distilled water.

It’s so very important for us to be transparent with our customers about these products that are made at Fangboner Farms. We want to let you all know that you’re safe with us! If you have any further questions about how we make our sanitizers, please feel free to leave us a comment, or ask us the next time you visit.