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Stock up on September Candles: Our Top Five

Stock up on September Candles: Our Top Five

I don't know about the rest of you, but we are looking forward to having cooler weather! With that anticipation in mind, we thought we'd give you a run-down on which candles we have available right now that you'll want to stock up on for fall. Here are our favorite picks for September: 

September Wedding - Okay, obviously we have to include this one! We've had this scent in our repertoire almost since the beginning of our candle-pouring journey. It's soft, romantic scent embodies everything you'll want for a fall candle. Also available in our Luxury Inspired Series, which have one-of-a-kind containers and more texture than our original pours.

Autumn at Fangboner Farms - This candle is one of our most festive fall scents! It's a must-have for the season, and it is available in our Luxury Inspired series as well.

Cinnamon BunIt's incredible that we were able to achieve the comforting smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns by using essential oils. Have to give ourselves a pat on the back with this one!

Apples & Herbs After you come home from apple-picking (one of our favorite fall pastimes), you can light this candle to really feel all the fall vibes!

Grandma's Lemon LoafThe next best thing to eating a healthy serving of our Grandma's Lemon Loaf? Filling your home with it's sweet smell! It took as a while to capture it, but we finally did it.

3 Ways to Set Intentions for 2021

3 Ways to Set Intentions for 2021

With the pandemic still in full swing, many of us are still doing much of our work remotely, making it difficult to create a work-life balance. Setting intentions to get things done without letting work bleed too heavily into your personal life can be a challenge. Below we've listed 3 different ways you can use products from our farm to set a routine in 2021.

1. Smudging - if you don't know what smudging is all about, here is an explanation from a previous blog. Basically, lighting these sage smudge sticks purifies the air and helps keep your workspace calm but efficient.

2. Chamomile/mint tea - The chamomile is calming, while the mint helps keep you alert and energized, two very important parts of a productive-yet-calm work day!

3. Aromatherapy - nothing sets the tone for day like the perfect scent. Try any of our soy candles for a nice pick-me-up, but we like the combo offered in our rosemary/mint/lavender candle for when you want to get things done while still staying zenned out.

What is Hygge, Anyway?

What is Hygge, Anyway?

If you've been on Pinterest anytime within the last few years, you've probably run into the Scandinavian term "hygge" (pronounced "hue-guh"). So what is it? Basically, in Nordic countries, they have long dark winters that require lots of indoor time, so they like to employ hygge in their space to make that time not just bearable, but comfy-cozy.

Hygge is all about twinkle lights, candles, soft blankets, and sitting around the fire with your loved ones playing board games instead of playing on your phone. It's about bringing the natural world into your home when it is too snowy and cold to spend lots of time outdoors. 

To implement hygge Fangboner style, try lighting our Winter at Fangboner Farms candle while enjoying a hot cup of one of our many tea blends, get comfy under your softest blanket and do something that brings you pure joy - it could be reading a book, catching up with an old friend over the phone, or knitting. Find your own way to hygge this winter, and we promise you'll never feel resentful of the cold days ahead.