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Who Was the Real St. Valentine?

Who Was the Real St. Valentine?

While doing research on the origins of Valentine's Day, you're likely to run across a LOT of theories about which St. Valentine is the real St. Valentine. With roots in both Christianity and Roman history, Valentine's Day can be a complex holiday to unpack! We want to bring you just one of those theories today as a trivia tidbit to impress your V-date this weekend:)

At one point in the 3rd century, Roman Emperor Claudius II disallowed men from marrying because he believed men with wives and families didn't make the best soldiers. St. Valentine continued to perform marriage ceremonies under the radar and was subsequently put to death for his treason. He represents just one of the martyrs named by the Catholic church who could have inspired the holiday we associate with romance.

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Fangboner Farms Holiday Gift Guide

Fangboner Farms Holiday Gift Guide

Most of us are in the final throws - or maybe beginning stages - of holiday shopping, but sometimes you have folks on your list that are particularly tough to buy for. We've put together a list of five personality types and what they would most enjoy from Fangboner Farms.

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2. Your New Age Friend - She likes crystals, moonstones, and purifying the energy in her space before meditation...she needs our Smudge Sticks!

3. The Foodie - Any of our herb blends would be a blessing to your culinary expert's pantry, but you can bet she doesn't already have our newest Yum Spice Blend

4. The One with a Sweet Tooth - Order them a Grandma's Lemon Loaf or Chocolate Dream Land cake.

5. Fashion Forward Friend - choose from any of our Fangboner Farms apparel items, from hats to sweatshirts and tees.