Fangboner Farms

American Gothic - Fangboner Farm Style

American Gothic - Fangboner Farm Style

So I have wanted to take a picture of Roland and me in the style of the old painting American Gothic.  Remember it?  The man and woman standing in front of the farmhouse?  He is looking ahead, she is looking off, slightly bored. He has the pitchfork, she has her hair in a bun. I just thought it might be fun to do it up but in our personalities.  The city girl and the country boy.

This past weekend, my sister Joan and her son Jeff, his wife Julie and their son Nathan came up to the farm.  Julie is a phenomenal photographer - warning shameless plug ahead - and you should check out her gallery of work. So I conned her into using her great talent to make us look good - and in turn create a new American classic.

So here you go - Roland and Jan in "American Gothic Fangboner Farms Style"

Julie said she has some ideas for even better versions. I'm anxious to see what she can come up with next.  I think she did a great job but maybe next time, even more Photoshop so I can look younger . . .

But it does capture our personalities.  Although I don't ever wear a suit when I'm picking herbs.  Just when I'm wheeling and dealing to sell the herbs!

After a Long Intense Labor, the Babies are Born!

Finally.  After months of work, preparation, sleepless nights and lots of heartburn, the babies have arrived!

I bottled, labeled and sealed our first batches of herbs and sundried tomatoes today. I am proud, excited, tired, fearful, nervous, and not quite sure of the next steps.  I mean, I've read the books, watched the movies and documentaries but now I have my own.  In the words of a famous and inspirational influence of mine, "Ruh Roh Raggy!"  (that's a Scooby Doo reference for those of you who don't look to him as a major influence on your life as I do)

It certainly feels like I've been pregnant these last few months in getting Fangboner Farms off the ground.  At first I was so excited with the possibilities - I mean it is something I've always wanted to do and I did need the right partner to make it happen. Then after awhile, I was sick.  Tired, queasy and thinking, what am I doing?

That passed into the middle stages of getting comfortable with the idea, swollen ankles (lots of standing, squatting and on my feet a lot in the gardens) and water retention.  I know, you didn't need to know that one but I'm telling myself it's not extra weight from nervous eating but "just retaining"!

Then the anxiousness of getting ready to launch, all the final prep work and no sleep. I won't get graphic with delivery details but I will say, I was ready for these babies to get on out of here!

So after months of planning, I now present to you the Fangboner Farms collection

Aren't they just the cutest things you've ever seen?  I know, I sound like a first time mom, but I am with these guys. I don't have a favorite (although I have always told Alex and Mimi that the other one was my favorite just to keep them on their toes) but the Classic Blend is where I started.  Rosemint Blend is an idea I had just because I love rosemary and mint.  And the tomatoes started because what was I going to do with all those cherry tomatoes????

 So world, here are the baby herbs that Roland and I created and hope will go forth and prosper! I just hope I don't get any more stretch marks from this pregnancy...


Ice Ice Baby

I know it sounds like I whine a lot about living on the farm - or those that know me say I just whine in general - but I really do love living in the country.  It's just all the adjustments that go with it that I'm having trouble with.  I'm old - well not really but old for big changes - and I'm used to a certain way of doing things.  And those things seem to keep changing.

Last weekend I was in Florida for my daughter Mimi's Masters' graduation. It was warm and while I'm not a big fan of summer, I enjoyed the weather.  I came home to rain and dreary days. Typical for Fall, right?  So Tuesday morning I go out to get into my car, and the door was stuck from being frozen.  It opened when I tugged on it but all the windows were frosted over.  I opened the trunk to get my scrapper and no scrapper. Must have been a victim of throwing everything out of my trunk during the move.

It's not supposed to be scrapper time yet.  And the worst part is, and I will admit it, I am spoiled.  I have had a garage for my car for the last 20 years. Not now. So I found my leather gloves in the trunk and started trying to scrape the windows with my hands. And of course, I was pleasant, happy and full of warmth and sunshine as I did it.  Refer back to previous posts and my tendency to sometimes say not-so-nice words.

All the time I am grumbling, complaining and feeling totally sorry for myself that I have to live like this and be so inconvenienced. All I ask for is a garage, sidewalks, no mud, no scary birds or bugs and everything just as I've always had it.  Is that too much to ask?

So in the middle of my small temper tantrum, as I walk around my car scraping it with my gloved hand, I slip on the ice in my heels.  I catch myself on the car and avoid another wardrobe catastrophe- thank goodness not a wardrobe malfunction.

Just then my knight in shining armor appeared.  Or my friendly farmer in his overalls.  Roland had heard me - although who didn't really at that point - and brought out a scrapper. He told me get in the car and warm up and he'd take care of it. So I did and he did.

So what did I learn today? Keep a scrapper in the car at all times. Most things in life aren't worth throwing a tantrum over. And thank goodness I was smart enough to fall in love with a patient man who understands me and my trouble with adjustments.

And seriously, I was hearing "Ice Ice Baby" in my head all the way to work.  I can do a mean Vanilla Ice car dance performance.  Cheered my morning right up. Enjoy!