Fangboner Farms

So What's with the name?

So What's with the name?

So I've had quite a few people ask me where we came up with the name Fangboner Farms.  Long old Aguilar family story but it is funny how things do work out.

First of all, think like a 10-year-old boy.  We were heading to Cedar Point one day on the Ohio Turnpike.  Just as you come to the Fremont exit, there is a overpass with the name on it - Fangboner Rd.  So my dear son Alex, 10 at the time, starts to snicker, then giggle, then laugh.  We asked him what was so funny and he said "Fangboner!"  He kept laughing.  Still thinking like a 10-year-old boy?  Get it?  So Alex at some point after that proclaimed that his first child would be named Fangboner Machinegun Aguilar and his nickname would be Boner. 

Alex is now 26 and last I heard, that name is still on the table. . .

So when Roland and I started our business, I wanted a memorable name - thus Fangboner Farms.  

So thanks to the wonderful people who actually live on Fangboner Rd. in Fremont and the silly silly mind of a 10-year-old boy.  An empire is born!

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