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Roland Richardson's Famous Homemade Wine

Roland Richardson's Famous Homemade Wine


If you’ve been to our farm market store, chances are that you have been greeted by someone offering you a sample of Roland’s homemade wine. We don’t sell it, but we like to make sure our customers are able to sample the final product when he finishes a batch.

One day we were able to talk to Roland a little bit about the process, which takes about three months total from “squishing to drinking.”

  1. Wash whatever fruit you are using – Roland likes strawberries, watermelon, cherries, apples and grapes, of course – with the sugar and yeast.
  2. Leave the mixture for a couple of days at 70 degrees or above, stirring it about twice a day.
  3. Roland says, “In a couple of days, you’ll hear some popping. That’s the yeast and sugar working together to produce alcohol.”
  4. Go through the fruit and make sure there aren’t any overripe spots that could affect the taste of the wine. Conserve as much of it as you can by cutting away small patches that don’t look so good.
  5. Squish the fruit until the mixture is soupy. When Roland used to live in the city (way back when), he would let the neighborhood kids squish the fruit with their feet I Love Lucy They had a blast even though their feet turned blue!

Roland will end up making two batches of wine from this single mixture. For the second mix, he puts the pulp or whatever is left into a different container. This batch of wine won’t be as thick or flavorful as the first batch, but we are all about not letting things go to waste.

Fangboner Farms has a pretty talented owner. He makes his own wine, owns a landscaping business, and he grows many of the ingredients that end up in our products.

Are you thinking about making your own wine, doing some landscaping, or thinking of new ways to spice up your dinner routine? These are all things we can help you with. Comment below if there is something you would like to learn more about, and it might very well be our next blog!


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