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Roland Richardson: Father & Mentor

Roland Richardson: Father & Mentor

With a family-filled Father's Day behind us, we wanted to take a moment to give love to the co-founder of Fangboner Farms, Roland. Not only is he an amazing dad, but he also takes the time to impart his wealth of knowledge to all of us. From working the land to successful business practices, he really knows his stuff.

We are also incredibly happy that Roland took the business he helped build on his land and passed it on to us (daughter Elizabeth and granddaughter Izabella)! It's amazing to think about how Fangboner Farms was built from the ground up, only to become a business run by three generations of Richardsons. Wow!

It's not just his family members that Roland shares his farming practices with; he's always happy to teach visitors the best ways to care for plants, how to repurpose everyday items, and how to make wine from any fruit you can imagine. So, if you come by the farm, simply ask for a tutorial in just about anything - he's usually happy to oblige!

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