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Richardson Family Adventures: Local Asian Restaurants

Richardson Family Adventures: Local Asian Restaurants

Our family loves to give shout-outs to local businesses as much as we can! Therefore, we decided to share the love with a couple of Asian restaurants in the 419 that we just love: Spicy Tuna Sushi Bar & Grill and China City Buffet.

Bella getting ready to chow down on some Bulgogi fries at Spicy Tuna

At only $9, these Bulgogi fries were one of our favorite items we tried at Spicy Tuna. They are crispy and topped with beer cheese, shaved ribeye, a spicy sauce, and scallions. Our mouths are still watering thinking about these!

You know we'll always opt for tea!

Our next course at Spicy Tuna consisted of two delicious sushi rolls: the Vegas Roll and (you guessed it) the Spicy Tuna Deluxe - a must-try!

And finally, we enjoyed the Broccoli Beef, a dish made with bamboo shoots and water chestnuts, stir-fried in brown sauce, served on a bed of steamed white rice. We actually opted for onions instead of water chestnuts and it was amazing!

Another local favorite of ours is China City Buffet. We love going there when we want a casual dining experience with fresh, flavorful Chinese cuisine.

We loaded up on lots of different items at the buffet, which included General Tsao's chicken and lots of stir-fried veggies! Make sure you sample as much as you can when you visit this spot. Bella, Adam and I love every dish!

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