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Puppies Are Supposed to Keep Us Young Right?? Uh, Ain't Quite Feeling It!

OK, there is a reason why we have babies and puppies when we're younger.  When I was in my 20's I had some patience (not really but in my memory of them I do) and that has quickly dissipated over time. And Reuben James has been testing what little patience I have left.  Maybe it is his unselfish attempt to make me feel young again, but man, I am feeling old!  

Why didn't any of you remind me of all of the work? And the constant surveillance to make sure he hasn't eaten/swallowed/destroyed something poisonous/dangerous/valuable is overwhelming. And the teeth.  OK, why didn't anyone do an intervention with me and remind me of that one major factor?  

I do understand he is a baby and the world is wide open to him and everything is exciting.  And I get that these chubby white legs walking across the room could maybe look enticing enough to have to check out.  But attacking them like they are breakfast, lunch and dinner is getting to be a bit much. 

We are in Puppy Classes. John Brown is a great trainer and we're learning a lot but Reuben did spend some time in time out last week.  I, of course, felt like the bully's mom.  And my friend and vet Gary Thompson said Reuben is a great boy but I must be going through a big adjustment after having such a laid back, obedient dog.  You betcha baby!

Roland is doing really well with him.  In spite of the fact he's never raised a puppy - Jack was his experience with dogs - he's so patient with him and enjoying Reuben. Makes me feel like the grumpy old lady.  I'd say if the shoe fits, but Reuben likes my shoes and I have to hide them all. 

But then we take a walk. Reuben is fascinated by all the smells, treasures and sticks he finds.  We walk out back almost every day and watching him discover things I overlook makes me stop and realize that I'm letting the little things pass me by.  We have a pond in the field next to us and Reuben is mesmerized by the geese flying overhead and the noise.  He will stop walking and doing his puppy ADD to look up and watch. 

He is going to be a great farm boy.  Critters, noises, mud and funky smells seem to be exciting to him and not scary at all. I've just got to live through these days - and remember the baseball gloves, eyeglasses, toys, and foot boards that sacrificed their lives so Jack could get through his puppy days. 

The real test will be to see how he does with mice . .. . 

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