Fangboner Farms

Our Essential Oil Candle Line

Our Essential Oil Candle Line

As I walk into the Fangboner Farms store, I am greeted with so many pleasant scents – the herbs, teas and, most of all, the candles – they all come together in a medley that makes you think of home.

Fangboner Farms carries soy wax candles with essential oils that last longer than any candle you’ll find at a chain store. Whether you choose our bestselling Winter at Fangboner Farms or one of our newer scents like Raspberry Fangria or Just Peachy, you will feel like it’s a day at the spa!

Our featured scents that you can purchase from our website right now include Winter at Fangboner Farms (in demand in all seasons!), Blackberry Sage (a springtime favorite that smells sweet with rich, sage undertones), and Sweet Orange & Hot Chili Pepper (an uplifting mixture that says springtime is finally here). Any of these options can be added to your shopping cart today.

There are still other scents that are new and only available in our storefront at this time. Come on in to the store to buy these new options in person.

  • Summer Honey
  • Bug Away
  • Lilac
  • Just Peachy
  • Raspberry Fangria
  • Cinnamon Bun


Mason jar candles are $8, Melts are $4, large clamped jars are $15, and crocks are $15. Don’t forget that you can always return your container after use and receive $2 off your next candle! You can’t beat that, and you’re helping us recycle. If you are looking for gifts, you can find very festive gift baskets with these scents, teas, tea cups, and more!


Our store will be open in early May this year, so make it a point to come see what’s new at the farm. Come in, sip some tea, and take some time for yourself. You deserve it.

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