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No, I'm not impatient or controlling at all

No, I'm not impatient or controlling at all

As you can imagine, this is a very busy time at the Farm for us. Between finishing up drying, stripping and grinding (it sounds dirty and it is but not in a fun way) and getting our other supplies stocked up, it's been pretty hectic. 

I like to think of myself as calm, laid back, easy going, a roll with it kind of person. I always envision myself that way. Of course I can never believe it when I see my picture and it adds 20 years and at least 20 pounds to it. What is that about?? But my point is that maybe I see things as I would like them to be and am not quite as reality based as I should be. 

Take last Sunday as an example. I had my day laid out into hourly tasks to get everything accomplished on my list. Well it was a good idea. I ended up not accomplishing much at all but I did pour 3 dozen candles. I had them all lined up on the table to set up. I had a couple online orders I was filling and was distracted in the kitchen.

Then all hell broke loose. Buddy Girl, our barn kitty, now comes in when it is cold out. She doesn't like the other cats or Reuben. Well Reuben decided to chase her through the kitchen. She jumped up on the counter, over to the table and ran back and forth on it. 

I was watching this thinking to myself, it's all fine, it's all good. Isn't this kind of cute? I was trying to be calm, cool and collected. Yup, wasn't happening. I screamed, Buddy Girl ran even more and planted her foot in one of the cooling candles.

So then I have a cat screeching and running, a big dog chasing her, me chasing both of them and swearing up a storm. I finally caught Buddy, and was able to clean her paw off. She didn't seem to be hurt and I was able to get the wax off before it dried too much. I did have to cut off some of it later. 

Reuben was happy because he's always happy and frankly it was a fun distraction for him. 

I tried to fix the candles that Buddy Girl bumped so I could salvage them. One didn't make it. It dried into a true mess, although it might burn okay. We'll have to see. 

So what lessons did I learn? 

No matter what I tell myself, I am controlling and Type A. It made me crazy to have all the work messed up. Frankly this really isn't a surprise to anyone who knows me. 

Second, cat fur and hot wax doesn't mix. Cats have too much fur.

Third, yelling and swearing at the animals just excites everyone more. None of them - and the other cats also started running - slowed down or stopped. 

Fourth, sometimes I just have to let it go man. It is what it is. I strive for this one but it wasn't there on Sunday.

Fifth, maybe I'm looking at this all wrong. Maybe there is a market for cat created candles. It's art. I could charge a whole bunch more money for them. And if I put little cat boots on Buddy Girl, she wouldn't get wax in her fur. 

I do love possibilities. . .


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