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My favorite country boy

Today my favorite boy (well that has four legs) turns 11. Last night we celebrated Jack's birthday.  If you're a dog person, you get it.  If not, you're missing out on one of the best relationships you will ever have.

Jack is my buddy.  He always thinks I'm wonderful, even when I'm crabby, tired, or desperately need a shower.  He listens, never judges and lets me know I'm loved.

Jack has had a tough time with arthritis and over the last 2 years or so, dropped about 30#.  We bonded even stronger through walks that helped him get that weight off (and no more doggie treats either).  I looked forward to coming home from work every day to get out and walk the neighborhood and talk over my day with Jack. And all the neighbors, including the police in Maumee, knew Jack. He loves to talk to everyone.

As he got a little older, our walks became strolls.  Then he started slowing down even more.  I knew something was wrong. 

I found out three months ago that Jack has lymphoma.  It threw me for a loop. But my vet and friend Gary went through our options.  I wanted to give Jack the best chance for a quality life, however long that may be.  And all of this came in the middle of my move out to the country.  Roland, who had never been a dog person before, loves Jack and supported doing whatever we needed for him.

So I am happy to say Jack is doing wonderfully well with chemo.  No sides effects and he is still loving life and engaged in all aspects of it.  He has now become quite the country gentleman.  

Our walks, then strolls, have now become ambles. We amble the farm every night, talking about our day - well mostly mine, although I ask a lot of questions about his - he is enjoying all the smells he finds, loves to bark at new critters and follow Roland as he works in the barn. My city boy has adapted to country life quite well.  

And never once has complained about the well water.

Happy Birthday Jack! Here's to many more wonderful ambles together!

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