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Maybe I Shouldn't Have Watched Men in Black Again

Maybe I Shouldn't Have Watched Men in Black Again

Yesterday I ran home at lunch to grab Reuben to take him to daycare for the afternoon.  I was in a hurry and backed around in the drive to leave.  I had all the windows down, and suddenly this HUGE bug flew in and landed on the dash in front of me.  

It looked like an alien. It was kind of gray, almost snakeskin colored, with two huge black eyes on its back.  

I, of course, screamed.  Reuben, of course, jumped into the front seat and got all excited. 

I slammed the car into park, and frantically looked for something to get it out of the car.  I am always afraid to kill a bug in case I really don't kill it, and it then seeks revenge. I found a receipt in my purse and tried to flip it out of the window.  It fell onto the floor between my feet.

OK, this is serious now.  I jump out of the car (come on, it will climb up my pants leg and then all hell will break loose, I'll wreck the car as I'm driving, we all die and no one will ever know why) and try to flick it out with the receipt and it rolls into a ball.  Reuben now starts to bark, I start to swear and the alien/bug thing doesn't leave.

Have you ever tried to pull out the car mat when they have those silly little levers to hold it in place?  Well, it's tough.  Add an excited lab on top of it and it's tougher.

So what seemed like many minutes later, the car mat is out, Reuben is out and I am out of my mind and patience.  I rounded up Reuben and my adrenaline rush, and we left. 

I looked up the bug.  It is an Eastern Eyed Click Beetle.  You take a look.  Doesn't it look like an alien?  Hey I might have prevented an inter-galactic war by saving him.  

You're welcome.

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