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Living Well with Lemongrass

Living Well with Lemongrass

Whether you decide to cook with it or steep it in a hot cup of tea, our herb for this week has multiple benefits. Lemongrass can be found in two of our tea blends , including one of our newer additions, the butterfly pea blend . A popular ingredient in many international cuisines, it packs a flavorful punch no matter how you decide to use it.

Now let's get to the health benefits: “Lemongrass is natural diuretic and can be used as a detox to help kick-start your metabolism,” says Dr. Kristal. “It is a great alternative to sugary drinks, as it is full of antioxidants that prevent cellular dysfunction”.

To recap, lemongrass can help you lose weight, help you maintain healthy arteries, and act as a preventative for liver failure and edema through its diuretic properties. Next time you’re at the farm, ask for a sample of our lemongrass blends to find out how tasty it can be to do something great for your health.

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