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Karma - You Really Don't Want To Mess Around With It

Karma - You Really Don't Want To Mess Around With It

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Now that we're in January we can start to relax a bit during these dark and cold days. Kind of slow down, hibernate and get Zen with it. 

Roland and I had a great vacation over the holidays. We drove to Atlanta to see my son Alex and his wife Brittany, and her family. Then we headed to Jacksonville to see Mimi and her fiancee (I love saying that) Stacey and her family. It was wonderful - relaxing, peaceful and very good for us. We hadn't really publicized that we were going to be gone. I didn't want everyone to know the Farm would be empty for two weeks. 

When we got back I went out into the Farm Market. We have problems with the door lock and it's open most of the time. Not smart but in four years we've never had an issue. 

I thought something looked different. I walked around for few minutes until it hit me. I keep all the bags of teas, meat rubs and chocolates in a clear storage tub when I'm not in there. I mean, we are a Farm Market and I don't want critters to get in and find anything. I guess it wasn't the four legged critters I should have worried about.

The tub was empty. It took me a minute to realize what was going on. I had loaded it with the remaining seven bags of tea, a few bags lavender chocolates and one meat rub. The last of the inventory after a busy few weeks. It was all gone. Empty. Zilch. Nada.

As I was wrapping my brain around this, I figured I better check out the rest of the shop. We have eight Classic Blend jars missing. And all of the Smudge Sticks. 

Now that threw me for a loop. Smudge Sticks? They have a spiritual meaning and use. For someone to steal them to cleanse their home of negative energy just floored me. Stealing to clear bad juju? That's screwing with your Karma man. 

The only other thing was I wondered is if they possibly thought they were weed. It's a dried herb, rolled into a cigar shape. But seriously? I figured anyone that would think that's what it was, would know it wasn't. And they were clearly marked Smudge Sticks. I know I've been out of the loop for awhile but smoking weed isn't now called Smudging is it?

One of Roland's favorite expressions is "you pay for your learning." He's right, you do. I've been too trusting - which really isn't my nature - about the shop. We know have double locks on the doors. We'll probably put a camera up too. Just they way of the world I guess. 

So if someone needed to take some teas, chocolate and smudge sticks, I hope they really needed them and they help. I'm not angry, I was much more surprised. Especially about the Smudge Sticks. 

I was meditating the other morning after yoga and it kept drifting through my mind. I've let it go and we've made the changes. I kept thinking about the person/s who took them though. Karma does come around. I hope you kept some of the Smudge Sticks. You're going to need them. 







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