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I've Become a Mafia Wife

No, the Farm hasn't disappeared.  Lots of things over the holidays - mostly the opening of the Farm Store- but also more adventures with the cats.  Yes, I know.  Two posts on cats in a row does make me officially the crazy cat lady.  But it gets worse. I've reached a new level . . .

Elliott Stabler, my indoor kitty, has been maintaining a stake-out in the mud room.  He sits in there at night near the furnace. He stares between the washer and furnace. He's been doing it for months, no exaggeration. There are some nights I'm sure he is in there all night because he doesn't jump on my head in the middle of the night and wake me up. 

So I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes.  I saw Elliott Stabler sitting in his guard position in the mud room.  A couple minutes later I heard him pounce and hit the side of the washer.  He started making a strange sound and came into the kitchen.  I could see something in his mouth but wasn't sure what it was. I crouched down and then saw the little feet and tail hanging out of his mouth. 

I calmly stepped back to the sink as he started walking past me and yelled at Roland.  Well he said yelled, I thought I just called out gently - "Roland, Elliott Stabler has a !#$%ing mouse in his mouth!" 

Roland was in our bedroom down at the end of the hall.  Elliott Stabler took off in his direction.  I heard Roland say "Drop it!", some scuffling noises, then a loud stomp. Roland came into the kitchen and asked me for the spray cleaner, grabbed some paper towels and an empty grocery bag.  I just kind of stood there.

I walked to the hallway and looked down.  He was washing some blood off of the walls.  I didn't say a word, turned around and went back to washing dishes.Then it hit me.

I've become a Mafia wife.  

I saw him washing blood off of the walls and simply turned away and pretended it didn't happen.

I never really said much to Roland about it.  I couldn't get over the fact my sweet, lovable, kind and gentle man could stomp a mouse.  But he is from the country. I'm not sure what I expected him to do.  Maybe gently ask Elliott to drop him so we could then put him outside?

And I'm sure Elliott Stabler was just as surprised. He had worked hard to catch that mouse and his victory was pretty short lived. He hasn't been hanging out much in the mud room lately.  He probably figures it isn't worth all the time and trouble.

So I've tried to just forget about it. It could have been worse.  I mean I could have woken up with the mouse head next to me in bed. . .



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