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Ice Tea, Anyone?

Ice Tea, Anyone?

As a southern gal, I was raised on iced tea, so much so that I was almost sick of it – “Why can’t we buy cokes for once, Mom?” I would plead with her. She does make really excellent sweet iced tea, though, and I usually opt for tea over soda as an adult. It’s just less awful for you.

Here’s the thing about our teas that makes them a lot healthier than what I was raised on: they are completely caffeine free, and they are made from organically grown herbs. They also come in a variety of flavors that are all amazing:

  • Pineapple mint, mint, and orange
  • Chamomile and mint
  • Lemon balm, mint, and lavender
  • Apple mint and lemon balm
  • Rosemary and mint

Throughout most of the year in Ohio, we serve these hot. However, given the hot and humid days that we’ve had lately, it’s worth it to consider fun ways to make these blends perfect for summertime! Our tea bags are really potent and can be reused three or four times, so you can put a few of the bags in a pitcher and let it steep. While it’s steeping, you might want to add a sweetener if you’re like me and get a hankering for southern sweet tea from time to time. Instead of the refined sugar of my youth, I like to use ¼ of a up of honey in a large pitcher. You might want to use more or less depending on your preference. After letting the tea steep and cool for a while, pour it over some ice, maybe add a sprig of mint for a garnish (if you’re feeling fancy) and drink up. So refreshing in the summer heat! I think the pineapple mint blend and the apple mint and lemon balm are especially good cold. Let us know what you think! What are your tea drinking preferences?


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