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Ice Ice Baby

I know it sounds like I whine a lot about living on the farm - or those that know me say I just whine in general - but I really do love living in the country.  It's just all the adjustments that go with it that I'm having trouble with.  I'm old - well not really but old for big changes - and I'm used to a certain way of doing things.  And those things seem to keep changing.

Last weekend I was in Florida for my daughter Mimi's Masters' graduation. It was warm and while I'm not a big fan of summer, I enjoyed the weather.  I came home to rain and dreary days. Typical for Fall, right?  So Tuesday morning I go out to get into my car, and the door was stuck from being frozen.  It opened when I tugged on it but all the windows were frosted over.  I opened the trunk to get my scrapper and no scrapper. Must have been a victim of throwing everything out of my trunk during the move.

It's not supposed to be scrapper time yet.  And the worst part is, and I will admit it, I am spoiled.  I have had a garage for my car for the last 20 years. Not now. So I found my leather gloves in the trunk and started trying to scrape the windows with my hands. And of course, I was pleasant, happy and full of warmth and sunshine as I did it.  Refer back to previous posts and my tendency to sometimes say not-so-nice words.

All the time I am grumbling, complaining and feeling totally sorry for myself that I have to live like this and be so inconvenienced. All I ask for is a garage, sidewalks, no mud, no scary birds or bugs and everything just as I've always had it.  Is that too much to ask?

So in the middle of my small temper tantrum, as I walk around my car scraping it with my gloved hand, I slip on the ice in my heels.  I catch myself on the car and avoid another wardrobe catastrophe- thank goodness not a wardrobe malfunction.

Just then my knight in shining armor appeared.  Or my friendly farmer in his overalls.  Roland had heard me - although who didn't really at that point - and brought out a scrapper. He told me get in the car and warm up and he'd take care of it. So I did and he did.

So what did I learn today? Keep a scrapper in the car at all times. Most things in life aren't worth throwing a tantrum over. And thank goodness I was smart enough to fall in love with a patient man who understands me and my trouble with adjustments.

And seriously, I was hearing "Ice Ice Baby" in my head all the way to work.  I can do a mean Vanilla Ice car dance performance.  Cheered my morning right up. Enjoy!

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