Fangboner Farms

I never realized how dark out it really is

In the city, there are pretty much always lights around. Streetlights, car lights, house lights - it seems like you can never find a truly dark spot.  Well unless you count the time I was walking down 42nd Street in New York City by myself at 3am a long time ago.  But I digress.

So the other night I got out of my car.  It wasn't that late - 10pm or so - but it was pitch black out in our turnaround. As I crossed the yard, it happened.  I dropped my keys.  So soft I couldn't hear them fall, but I could certainly hear the loud not-so-nice word I said.  

I knelt down, felt around and tried to find them. It was so dark I couldn't really even see my hand. And of course it was near one of our numerous flower beds.  So I crawled around, feeling the ground and suddenly found something I wasn't looking for.  I believe they call them slugs.  Felt like a huge snot ball.  I know, sounds gross, but you get the picture. I screamed, tried to get it off of my hand and it stuck, like well, snot.

So after wiping my hand on the grass numerous times, I finally freed myself from my country captor. And pulled out my handy cell phone and found my keys.

Lesson learned.  We put solar lights up and down the walkway.  And I now put my keys in my purse before I get out of the car.  

Now as long as I don't lock my purse in the car.

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