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Here Comes the Sun

I know I've been MIA since my eulogy post for Jack.  Have to be honest, the last month has been tough. I didn't realize how much a part of my life Jack was.  He and I spent so much time together and I took it for granted. But I had so many wonderful notes, messages and comments from people, that helped ease the hurt for a bit. 

I did have the comment made to me quite a few times that Jack could leave now because he knew I had Roland.  I know the the comfort and loving intent meant by it, but as time passed, I couldn't help but laugh a little. I mean, if Roland sat outside the shower waiting for me, put his head on my knee every time I sat down and licked my hand whenever I walked by, I would be a bit freaked out. But from Jack it was totally different.

So life goes on.  I experimented making soy wax candles made with essential oils for aromatherapy and all natural soaps. Came up with more ideas for our new farm store that will open in August. Working on ideas for our website. And adopted a puppy.

Meet Reuben James Aguilar Richardson.

 Roland and I talked about it, I cried about it and was afraid that people would view me as the crazy old man that gets remarried a month after his wife died. But the hole in my heart was huge.  And no dog will ever be my Jack.  But I have a lot of love to give and it felt right.

We adopted Reuben James from the Toledo Animal Shelter.  He and his siblings had been abandoned. He's a lab mix and is 11 weeks old. Reuben's been with us a week now and started Puppy Kindergarten yesterday.

 Boy how life has changed.  I think Roland expected a miniature Jack to walk in the door - laid back, housebroken, and never chewed anything except swallowing the occasional sock. I had forgotten how much work puppies are.  The last time I did this I was much younger and had two teenagers helping out.

 But Reuben is a pretty amazing guy.  He looks at me with such understanding in his old soul face - as his sharp little puppy teeth chomp on my hands, hair, feet or any body part he can find. He has won over everyone he has met.  And I have to say the only person he didn't try his wonderful puppy play biting on was my boss & friend Bill. Told you he was smart.  He knows no job for Jan, no food for Reuben.

 So in the dark days, a bright ray of sunshine has come.  Reuben and I have walked the farm every day - which is a big trip for his little legs.  And we've visited Jack's grave a few times.  I know my boy would be happy that I'm finding some joy and laughter again. 

 So stay tuned as Reuben James grows into the wise farm dog he is destined to be.

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