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Herb Harvest Time - or How I Spent My Freezing Cold Saturday Morning

I am cutting down all of our herbs for our last cutting of the season.  It's hard to believe that we started with 500 plants in the spring and what we've learned along the way.  Taking something I loved to do as a hobby and making it a business is very different.  Aching feet, sore back and no fingernails different.  And I swear it is always at least 10 degrees colder out here in the country than it was at my little house in Maumee.

So the top 5 things I've learned in my first season about growing and harvesting herbs for a business.

5. Bugs.  Okay, I want to be totally organic but do we have to have bugs?  Nothing like grabbing a beautiful bunch of basil, cutting it and seeing a fuzzy black spider on my hand.

4.  Always wear gloves.  See #5 for the reason.

3.  I'm old.  I get so sore from bending, squatting, cutting and weeding that it's pathetic. Luckily I have Fangboner Farms wine to ease the soreness.

2.  It is so much more work than I expected. From growing to cutting to drying to grinding to blending, there is no way we will ever make enough money for all the labor we've done.  So friends and family, no freebie spice blends at Christmas this year!  It's a business!

1.  No matter how tired I am, walking into the herb room and seeing the beautiful herbs drying and the smelling the wonderful blend of all the herbs, makes me grateful that I am able to indulge my passion and found a wonderful partner who shares it with me.

How could you not think this is beautiful?  Sorry there is no scratch and sniff so you can enjoy the wonderful smell of the basil I just picked.

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