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Four of our Fave Perennials and How to Care for Them

Four of our Fave Perennials and How to Care for Them

There are so many beautiful flowers in bloom at the Farm that it is difficult to choose our favorites! As hard as it was, we were able to pick four relatively low-maintenance varieties to showcase this week:

1. "Freckle Face" Blackberry Lily - It's easy to see how this Lily got it's name, with it's brilliant orange flowers that are "freckled" with red, coupled with its blackberry seeds. It requires lots of full sunlight. Plant them in firm soil and water thoroughly, but then careful not to overwater them daily. They bloom in late summer and are known to self-seed if they are well-maintained.

2. Coneflower Sombrero Tres Amigos - These do particularly well in containers and are great for attracting pollinators. You'll see different shades of pink, rose, and burgundy throughout the flower's lifecycle. Typically needs full sun for 6+ hours to thrive and a moderate amount of water daily. You'll enjoy them all summer long!

3. Lagerstroemia Perky Pink - You'll love looking at this dramatic beauty from late summer until early fall. To care for it, give it plenty of full sunlight for over six hours per day and water moderately.

4. Kobold Original Gayfeather - Blazing Star - This low-maintenance perennial does best in full sun with moderate water as well. Bloom times range from July to late August. We are loving their fuzzy foliage, which will eventually turn deep purple.

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