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Farewell My True and Faithful Friend

Farewell My True and Faithful Friend

Today is one of the hardest days I've ever had.  Jack, my yellow lab, lost his brave battle with lymphoma.  We had 6 great months of chemo and remission.  But he got sick quickly over the last week and the time had come to let my boy rest.

No funny stories - I can't do that yet.  The time will come when I can share his stories of eating Mimi's foot board as a puppy, his talent at suckering even the hardest of hearts into giving him a belly rub and riding in the utility vehicle in his CitiFest Event Crew t-shirt working events with us. 

But today is about grieving.  And appreciating.  I hate movies like "My Dog Skip" and "Marley & Me". You know what happens in the end.  And I knew going into this relationship what would happen in the end. But man, these last 11 years have been worth every awful feeling I am having now. 

Jack was with me through some of the darkest times in my personal and professional life.  He was there with his smile, his warm body climbing up on the couch with me to snuggle and his ability to let me know he loved me and thought I was the most wonderful person in the world.

And I felt the same about him.

Jack wasn't perfect. He liked to chew too many shoes.  He could be crabby when tired.  And sometimes he would think he was alpha dog and growl at the cats.  But he had such a huge capacity for unconditional love, an ability to meet people and enjoy them and to be the best companion I could ever ask for. 

I am grateful for the last 6 months.  Knowing he had cancer, and treating it, gave me a better appreciation for every day with him.  He got to move to the farm with me, we still had shorter and slower ambles together and help me adjust to my new life. I have no regrets in treating him.  

I have always felt that we as humans aspire to be more like dogs - an unlimited capacity for love, acceptance and an appreciation for living each moment to the fullest.  And to take long naps.

So today after Alex and I brought him home from the vet's, Roland had made a grave for him out under a huge old oak in the back of our property that I can see from all of my back windows. Thank you Jack for making my life better, richer and much much fuller.  You'll always be my boy.

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