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Fangboner Fridays Presents: A New Product!

Fangboner Fridays Presents: A New Product!

That's right. To channel our inner Dolly Parton, we've just poured ourselves a cup of ambition. Coffee is what's up at Fangboner Farms this summer, and we know you're here for it.

We've been famous for our wide array of flavorful teas for over a decade now, but the hottest new product soon to be found on our shelves is our herbal coffee blend.

We’ve sourced a 100% organic Arabica coffee from Grand Rapids, Michigan that contains notes of floral and citrus. Pair that coffee with the lavender and lemon balm grown on Fangboner Farms with a hint of rose, and you have a blend that we are confident will be the talk of the town this summer. Seriously, whether you like to sip a cold brew during the day or need that piping hot cup to get you going in the morning, our blend should be added to your routine. 

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