Fangboner Farms

Fangboner Farms Fall Traditions

Fangboner Farms Fall Traditions

It may be mid-August, but our minds are already reeling with thoughts of fall festivities! Fall at Fangboner Farms means pumpkin carving (and painting), crafting with Bella, and baking. LOTS of baking!

To get us into the spirit of the upcoming season, here are a few links to fall memories that still give us great inspiration for our fall traditions:

A Round-Up of Five Ways to Get Ready for Fall: This includes a post about smudging to prepare for the fall heebie jeebies and more!

Mixing it Up with Pumpkin Painting: This one has one of the best DIY pumpkins we've seen - an adorable owl! It's amazing how a few simple props can make the difference in your whimsical fall decorating.


A Humble Pinterest Fail: Documenting our Hudson Bay Blanket pumpkin mishaps! Hey, you don't have to be perfect to have fun decorating.

Trick-or-Treat Pumpkin: For those who enjoy fancy fonts on their painted pumpkins, this one is perfect. It's also cost effective because it only requires two colors of paint.

Stay tuned for more fall activities as we head into the season within the next month! We'll have events, craft ideas, recipes and many other resources in the coming months. 



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